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Talk about the optimization of PoE Trade
17/10/2019 05:10
PoE Trade

PoE Trade is the best place to exchange PoE currency. However, in the game POE market has always been the object of everyone’s spit, the main spit is divided into the following points:

1. Difficult to search, especially for gold equipment, it takes a lot of time to search for a piece of equipment that you need.

2, more scammers, keyword search, easy to be used by scammers

3, there is no price, buy a piece of equipment still needs to bargain

For the improvement method, many people recommend using The Bargain network method of international service for The Bargain, but it seems that the way of international service The Bargain network only solves the drawbacks of convenient search.

In the end, it is necessary to wait for the other party to contact the other party online, so there is also a problem of bargaining. In addition, if you face to face, The Bargain is easier to give a liar!

At present, the reasons for the low chances of encountering scammers in international service and the less bargaining are mainly due to the low number of players and high quality.

There are two other reasons for the lack of domestic players and high quality:

1, the liar will not take the time to study how to go outside and then lie to the money, the purpose of the liar is actually to make money!

2, players who will go to play outside the game itself is the player with the brain to play the game, all aspects of the requirements are relatively high, the liar is not so easy to succeed.

Excluding the above two points, it is not suitable for the national service.

Finally, it is said that the national market should be optimized to meet the needs of everyone.

POE was originally a game of brushing and brushing. The fun of the whole game is collecting equipment. If the market of POE is changed too easily, personal feeling will shorten the life of the game and it will become more popular nowadays. The fast food game has shortened the fun of the game. Of course, the market is also necessary, otherwise the hard work of brushing a half-day labor results into a practical value. If the equipment is not worthwhile, it will become boring, so I personally feel that as long as I can satisfy a good search, I don’t need to make a price. The process of bargaining is also very interesting, which will make people feel a sense of satisfaction.

If you optimize the search for the function of gold equipment, and optimize the bargaining function, then it is best! After all, the national market is a process from 0 to some, so we need to give the country some time.

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Path of Exile: A old Bird
17/10/2019 05:06
PoE Currency, Path of Exile

“Path of Exile: A BD selection process for a Diablo player from exile to old birds
I play POE, and the preferences for BD are constantly changing.

In the earliest new era, I prefer the cheaper so-called civilian BD. The BD I played during this period is a combination of zombies, scorpions, and spirits, and bloody shackles. How many people have heard of this game? I am afraid you are not afraid.) It’s not self-deprecating, it’s really silky, I can’t afford a lot of spirits shoes and summoning necklaces. I only have a lot of Chaos Orb and have not money to buy Poe currency such as Mirror of Kalandra.

After teaming up to see the power of the big man, the pioneers became unsatisfied with the maps drawn around the T10. I started to marry my father’s big sword, I want to pick up clothes from The Queen, I also want to quickly brush the picture with one button, no need to hide behind the baby and be quirky. So began to pursue cost-effective speed brush BD, such as the 3.0 speed of the attack speed of the blue axe to smash the earth, and the execution of the whirlwind (that is, the famous pig ring sales advertising, because there is really no money, it is used super Buying the lowest R pig’s ring at a low price is not fooled.)

As the understanding of the game became more and more in-depth, I found that POE is a game of penny and money. The “price-performance ratio” was originally synonymous with “no money will be used”, no matter the hardness or output is not satisfactory. So after wasting the fifth set of green doors with the blue axe, I made up my mind that I must practice a real high-intensity BD. So I tried the witch totem bloody think that the body is too brittle and gave up, tried the chaotic whirlwind of the sentence and felt that the output was too low and gave up. Finally through the author’s other posts, found one of the ultimate BDs to 3.0 – the road to the whirlwind of the gods.

I have to say that it is really a golden age that belongs to only 3.0 barbarians. There was a joke at the time: 3.0 What BD to play, what career is stronger? The answer is a mob (), free to fill in the blank, super strong. The millions of panels of the violent whirlwinds are now high even when they are inflated, and in the eyes of the non-rioters at the time, they were just like myths. What’s more, this product can still produce seven or eight thousand blood and good resistance while maintaining a million output! It is not human.

At that time, I was still opening a post of dozens of father-in-laws in 173. The Queen of Green Gate was also stunned by my body. The feeling of being alone and losing was born, and I felt that AFK was close at hand. However, it was the end of the version. Later, the abyss season was sublimated and the instantaneous suction was cancelled. The survival ability of most 3.0 classic BDs dropped sharply. The barbarians also fell from the altar, so I could only find another home. .

Later, I tried the knight’s ice-blade, the knight’s whirlwind, the aristocratic sword dance, and the Long Staff whirlwind, but for those of me who have seen the gods of 3.0, they are either weak or weak, or have other A variety of places that are unsatisfactory are, in general, difficult to see. But I also understand that this is not the fault of BD, but this version is not the era of familiarity. Therefore, I have experienced the similar characteristics of melee, and I decided to switch to the Ranger Bow BD, which I have never dared to touch because of cost reasons.

Bow BD is really expensive, and the output efficiency is also really high, which perfectly reflects the essence of POE penny. But the weakness is brittle, easy to die, survivability is completely incomparable with the 3.0 barbarian, high-order boss is rarely able to pass, but considering its various one-click clearing seconds boss, can use six in the light This defect is also acceptable before the door is 100% sure of the performance of various types of maps. It’s a version that has passed away.

After the T18 ultimate parent mixed doubles appeared, gave my Ranger bow a head-on. As I commented on T18 in a previous post, people who haven’t played T18 can’t predict how difficult it is by video. This unprecedented boss battle is for output, hardness, recovery, walking, BD and The understanding of equipment affixes and the comprehensive test of the mastery of the boss mechanism. The Ranger Bow has the fatal weakness of the body, so it is absolutely downstream in the T18 competition, and I don’t have the god-level position in the video. Therefore, I can only smash the knife dance BD that was outdated that year.

At this time, my familiarity with the game mechanics has reached the point where I can easily adapt to familiarity with BD. I versioned this outdated old BD and replaced the instant suck with the legacy The Queen, passing the T18. This is so, the difficulty of T18 also left a deep impression on me. After a long time, I didn’t dare to touch it again. I could only stay in T17 and my father-in-law’s big eyes.

After playing T18, the knife and gun into the Kuma put Nanshan, I no longer pursue the limit, and set off the chivalrous whirlwind for a while (saying that the martial arts fire whirlwind in BD Curry is really reliable, very recommended people who have not played Try it), there is the Warrior Fire Whirlwind (hard hard, low output to cry), Shengzong Glacier Totem (return blood completely depends on medicine, survival is very problematic), glacier mines (body is more brittle than the Ranger, equipment than bow Also expensive), Shadow Spiritual (Super Contra, and the spirit of the egg attack mechanism I have been unable to adapt), a variety of feather pen BD (feather pen is really a great invention, simple no brain high, but give a kind of Everything is like a loose feeling).

It was only as time went by, the little heart that longed for T18 began to shake again. I was so painful that I used to be beaten because my body was too brittle and my ability to survive was too weak. So I prepared for this time, I chose a few of them that I have not touched yet, and they are also the hardest and most viable of all POEs. Strong BD big classification – normal fire. And I have always been against the ES, the ES equipment based on experience is far from the blood equipment, so I chose the blood of the Warriors to be a normal fire – 10,000 blood, a word that makes the meat shield flow players fascinated.

After that, it is a very common BD learning process: copying homework – actual combat testing – asking if you don’t understand – turning back to improve – not knowing again – then improving – deep testing – personal preferences and feature improvement – ultimately Stereotype. Just this afternoon, I used this warrior to fight T18 on fire. I didn’t feel as thrilled as before. I didn’t rely on the unrepeatable heritage. (I did use the legacy elder Stygian Vise, but this is not Like the legacy of The Queen, it has a decisive role, and it is the same as the non-legacy elder belt. It is played with normal equipment, no pressure, swimming and swimming.

It’s a bit funny, this is the first time I played T18 since I played the Warriors. Before that, I repeatedly adjusted my talents, changed equipment, tested repeatedly in various scenarios, and even thought about whether to give up this BD change. The seemingly scary tens of thousands of ES old men are on fire, and all kinds of suffering are lost. Because I suspect the strength of BD, I suspect that it can not withstand the pressure of T18, and the communication with other people who are pessimistic about the Warriors’ normal fire has strengthened this suspicion, making me very afraid that all efforts are useless. As a result, I entered T18 and found that these shakes and suspicions are all scaring myself. They are all illusions derived from the shadows of previous failures and the clouds of people. Unconsciously, the threshold of T18 has long been easily passed by me. Most of those who poured cold water before are not as good as me.

POE is born out of the big category of Diablo, and Diablo 2 is The Primordial of this big category. If Diablo 2 is the ancestor of the Diablo game, then for the feeling of my three seasons, the POE completely surpassed his own Primordial Diablo 2 and Diablo 2’s direct successor Diablo III, which is called the collection of Diablo games. By. It is undoubtedly very satisfying for me to play such a good game. Here to share the experience of personally playing this game, after the purchase of GGG by Hope TX, the game is getting more and more prosperous (although everyone is stunned by TX, but we must acknowledge TX’s ability to operate), and I wish every player can find themselves in POE. fun of.

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How to use the Path of Exile Divination Card
16/09/2019 13:42
path of exile, poe currency
Explain in detail that after Path of Exile enters the outside world, the friends often brush up some Divination Cards, and many Divination Cards can exchange for good things, such as some dark gold equipment, currency, skill gems, etc., then Path of Exile Do you want to bind the Divination Card? How do you use it? Let's take a look at it with the editor!

Some players think that the Divination Card that they played when they used to run the plot and the Divination Card that is now out of the world are just together, just enough to get the NPC to reward. This is not the case, here is a key point for everyone to talk about.

When the unbound Divination Card and the bound Divination Card are stacked together, such a prompt box will pop up. Do not make sure that the Divination Card that is not bound will become binding. The things, whether they are currency or equipment, or gems, will be bound, and the friends here must pay attention. Some divination cards can be exchanged for PoE currency items, such as Exalted Orbs, Poe Chaos Orb, or even Mirror of Kalandra.

In addition, there is a special Divination Card - bounty hunter. Path of Exile Divination Card Instructions Path of Exile Divination Card is to be bound. After this Divination Card is completed, you can redeem a map of the alien world - Azri's secret treasure. This out-of-bounds map has no monsters. It is similar to the last enchantment and sublimation map after the maze kills the BOSS. There are only boxes and everything is full of things. Then the problem is here. We all know that the things of the alien map are not. Bound, but if we pass the bound Bounty Hunter Divination Card for the Azri Secret Treasures. This is because the national service is still in the pioneering stage for the time being, so it is not clear, but because the bound items are the characteristics of the national service, all of us do not dare to conclude that it is not bound.

It is suggested that you can replace the Queen's Treasure Maps with the Bounty Hunter + Bind Bounty Hunter Divination Card. Don't do it first... If the treasure trove is a thing, it's bound, isn't it? To cry and die...
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The strongest witch in Poe
16/09/2019 11:27
poe trade, poe goods
Path of Exile witch faction is the strongest analysis strategy

Do you know that the Path of Exile witch is the strongest? It is the same as all games, not the strongest, only the best for you, the strongest for you. Here is a small series to recommend a few strong witch factions, I hope everyone can find what they want. Arc Witch novice-friendly Output explosion environment security, in the game, the witch is undoubtedly one of the most friendly careers for novices. The "arc" is one of the extremely large genres in the game. With the skill gems "arc" as the core and the auxiliary gems, it has formed three major schools of "stable injury", "crit" and "smashing blood". Path of Exile Witch Which is the strongest? Path of Exile Witch faction chooses to recommend "Crit Arc Witch" is a less difficult BD in the witch profession, the gameplay is very flexible, the weapon is free to choose, the staff or the capital can This genre has a strong advantage.

The core idea of ​​this gameplay is to create a safer output environment by causing ice and electricity. Therefore, in this genre, players need to "add crit chance", "ice penetration" and other auxiliary gems to enhance the "arc" skills, and "will call · double jade ring" to strengthen the damage. Path of Exile Witch which is the strongest Path of Exile Witch faction selection recommended Ghost Master Proficient Mastery Brush to fight a strange hand.  In order to get the best equipment for Witch, you can purchase equipment from other players though poe trade which is the best path of exile marketplace.

Among the major BDs currently popular, "Ghost Master" is one of the most classic genres of witches. The main attack method of the BD is the ghost, that is, the resurrection of the dead monster, helping the protagonist to blame. The Ghost Master has obvious advantages such as high blood volume and strong attack. It can be formed at about 60 levels, which is very suitable for novice players to try.

Its core skill is "Ghost, and it can also summon zombies as a Shield. Players can use auxiliary gems, use 2 or 3 halos to enhance the ability to summon the damage or use 2 or 3 curses to increase the damage of the monster. As for Talent, you need the player to point out the "phase of the element" to reduce the elemental resistance of the monster, coupled with the "bone and meat dedication", the output ability is considerable.
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How to increase movement speed in PoE
16/09/2019 11:21
poe curency, path of exile
Path of Exile How to improve the speed of movement, please see the following experience!

Path of Exile This game, the speed of movement represents a lot of things, the faster the speed, the more the number, the more poe currencyyou farming, in order to reflect your BUG-like pleasure.

So where is the speed of movement mainly from? The first place is the shoes, the shoes are not optimal at 30% movement speed, and the others can be lowered unless the attributes are particularly good. If you want to move the speed on the helmet, you can consider the helmet of faith. After all, if you add 20% of the speed, it doesn't make a joke.

Next, mercury pharmacy, acceleration, and generally require potions often. Then, other potions can also be washed at the corresponding plus speed properties. Of course, there are clothes, such as Mori's vests, the limit speed is 100% but it is necessary to dodge, usually with the bow to do these things.
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PoE Synthetic treasure chest to rejuvenate rep
16/09/2019 11:17
poe curency
Unlike the mystery treasure chest, the synthetic treasure chest contains new season products, a hot sale in the mall, and a fashion-looking prop that has been limited by the mysterious treasure chest and the anniversary of the past season. Exiles can be purchased directly at the game store, or they can participate in various activities for free to obtain a synthetic treasure chest which has Poe currency such as Orb of Chance, Jeweller's Orb, Orb of Fusing, etc.

Synthetic treasure chests can be opened directly, or you can repeat the old fashion items (including the decorative objects) that you have accumulated in the past season in exchange for new fashion items.

The synthetic treasure chest has a total of 5 files, and each time a fashion item is consumed, the chance of obtaining a higher quality item will be increased accordingly. The synthetic treasure chest interface will directly display the probability of each specific file. If you do not choose to open and close the interface directly, all the items placed will be returned.

The number of items produced in the first synthetic treasure chest has been reduced to a certain extent so that exiles can exchange or collect a set of fashion appearances faster. We will also periodically adjust the output of the synthetic treasure chest based on the feedback from the exiles.

In the first phase of the synthetic treasure chest, all the fashions, treasure chest fashions, and Chiyou fashions that have been put on the mall have been added. More fashions are being added and added, and the synthesis function will be provided in the second phase.

High return 1~4 files

In the first phase of the synthetic treasure chest, the exiles have the opportunity to get the second anniversary of the new fashion, the mall hot sale, the apocalypse mystery treasure chest parts, etc., from the 3rd gear, the player can even directly obtain the apocalypse parts synthesized by the gods and the stabbing king. For players who have registered for the S5 to the Darkheart Season, the launch of the Synthetic Treasure Box game can also make up for the regret of not being able to get this classic fashion. Here we will also offer a two-year anniversary, whether it is new and old players, in the anniversary season, you can use the Wegame trading platform to quickly gather the Shen Bing, Ting Wang, Apocalypse series fashion.
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